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But to really make any educated guesses, we need to see where this traffic is going.

Chain Efficiency Testing

You can then add a secondary layer of context by seeing which traffic channels are sending people to those top pages. Please note that this is hardly scientific. When you compare the top traffic channels with the most popular starting pages on your site, you can begin to put people in buckets. Not exactly a super-sleuth so far. But this begins to give you enough basic information so far to see how your site should evolve or change to increase the amount of people opting-in or purchasing. It looks something like:. The people coming to your website fall in one of these various buckets.

Step #1. Where are Your Visitors Coming From?

Evaluation, so that you could react accordingly to give them different info. For example, B2B customers for small-ish companies under 10k monthly transactions are influenced by the following channels:.

It makes no sense then to hit them up with a direct product or service related CTA. Instead, you should appeal to what brought them there; providing information and education related to the original problem they set out to solve. The middle of the funnel is that critical bridge between getting people who are initially interested in a topic or problem, to find out more about why they need you, and how you can help them. Try to leave or go somewhere else, and their exit intent pop-up reiterates the same messaging one last time to get you to click.


Constructing tests | Center for Teaching and Learning

You can even combine this approach with Facebook custom audiences to retarget visitors with the same message or value prop. If possible, try to make the conventional a little more unconventional with the approach. Not exactly earth shattering, but it effectively stands out from many similar options on other competitive websites which people might be bouncing back-and-forth between at this stage in the game.

For example, United Material Handling allows potential prospects to actively search their inventory to receive both real-time quantity and pricing information. You can even validate or disprove your designs based on real user behavior and feedback. For example, simple, inexpensive options like CrazyEgg can immediately tell you if people are using this new brilliant option you dreamed up. So far so good! The majority of clicks and page interactions are happening here on our interactive CTA. My first test is the purchase of a license with PayPal.

You can quickly generate a test file with:. The plugin license will be added to the cart and the site should redirect to the checkout screen.

Can't Finish the Test in Time? Just Pick C #13

This is the code I would write in my Cept file. Codeception has two test file styles; cept is a procedural style, whereas cest is in class format. I am checking at the end that the correct product is displayed as the order summary on the checkout screen:. The nature of writing these tests is that you will run, tweak the steps, and run them again — a lot!

This means you want the data to be in the right state before tests are run, not left in a half-baked state after previous tests. I started by adding this to the top of my testcase, so my customer was always logged out and then the user deleted from the database. I realized I would need to call this at the start of every test so I began to look for a better way to make the code reusable.

Turns out Codeception makes this really easy. As you will notice from my test code, the first line creates a new instance of the AcceptanceTester class.

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  • 3. Elements of a Test Plan.

For example, I log out, I click this. The actor can perform all actions and assertions from the modules that are defined in the acceptance. I can use that in my method:. For example, I want to test a customer buying a plugin, but I also want to test an administrator refunding a purchase.

What to Include

These are two different types of actors with different types of actions to be performed. Codeception allows you to create new actors in the form of StepObjects. In my tests where I want to perform a refund, the order ID will typically be the last order created in my test database. Password Forgot your password? Homogeneity tests for time series Homogeneity tests for time series test allow to detect a change along a time series.

Extended Time Accommodation: Documentation

View all tutorials. What are homogeneity tests for time series Homogeneity tests enables you to determine if a series may be considered as homogeneous over time, or if there is a time at which a change occurs. Homogeneity tests p-value approximation The tests presented in this tool correspond to the alternative hypothesis of a single shift.

We thus reformulate the null and alternative hypotheses: H0: The T variables follow one or more distributions that have the same location parameter. Left-tailed test: Ha: There exists a time t from which the variables location is reduced by D. Left-tailed test: Ha: There exists a time t from which the variables location is augmented by D.

The null and alternative hypotheses are determined by: H0: The T variables Xi follow a N 0,1 distribution. In the case of the Q statistic, the null and alternative hypotheses are given by: H0: The T variables follow one or more distributions that have the same mean. Left-tailed test: Ha: There exists a time t from which the variables mean is reduced by D. Left-tailed test: Ha: There exists a time t from which the variables mean is augmented by D. Related features Time series descriptive statistics.

Time series transformation.

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Smoothing of time series. Mann-Kendall Trend Tests. Cointegration tests.