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Jesus never intended that. To the contrary, the Church that He established on this earth is called to preach the Gospel and to see it confirmed in Holy Spirit power, with supernatural "signs following". This type of word-only ministry would have been completely foreign to the apostle Paul, who wrote: "For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power , and in the Holy Ghost The manifestation of Holy Spirit power is absolutely essential to effective ministry as Jesus intended it.

God's promise is to confirm the Gospel, to "testify to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew this. He desired that everyone would simply believe His words , but He understood human nature. So He did perform mighty signs and wonders and exhorted His hearers to "at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. The Gospel is preached. Healings or miracles or other supernatural signs confirm and validate the word preached.

Signs and Wonders Are For the Unbeliever

And people believe — often thousands at a time! When the man jumped up and walked, the onlookers were amazed. This dramatic healing miracle opened the door for Peter to preach, and thousands more were saved.

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The pattern was the same as our quote of the apostle Paul earlier — the Gospel came not in word only, but also in power! Yet thousands of pastors and elders today do not follow this normative Scriptural pattern and thereby deprive their churches of the demonstrated power of God that was expected and experienced commonly at the beginnings of our Christian faith. Widespread healings occurred, and multitudes continued to believe and be added to the Lord.

I found that nine of the ten were definitively linked to a notable sign, healing, or miracle. To repeat myself, contrary to much that is practiced in churches today, after Jesus returned to heaven the church that He founded continued to preach and teach the word of the Lord with visible power.

My Confession for Today

Not just power in their preaching, which of course we all desire, but also power to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils, and more. It was this combination of word-and-power that dramatically expanded the kingdom of God on earth in the early years of the Church. Here we read of Philip the Spirit-filled deacon Acts , 5 preaching with power in Samaria.

His message was Jesus Christ vs.

But Philip didn't just preach. He also cast out demons and ministered healing to many, including the paralyzed and lame.

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The result was a great harvest of souls. We see here a sorcerer named Simon, who was locally famous for his magic arts. But when he heard Philip's message and saw the supernatural signs, he too became a believer in Jesus Christ, "being astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw. My fellow preachers, I implore you, do not be content with speaking "wise and persuasive words Entering into the dialogue were J. Woodhouse, [7] K. Sarles, [8] K. Bond, [9] and D. Shepherd, [10] Later in the s, the discussion was taken up by R. Jackson addressing skeptics , [11] and D.

Dennis confronted the long-standing objections of cessationists with his thesis entitled, The Duration of the Charismata , in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Experiences that are perceived to be miraculous.

A Biblical View of Signs, Wonders, & Miracles – For the Gospel

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Signs And Wonders Shall Follow Them That Believe

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