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But can they match the discipline and courage of the legionaries? Wounded during a skirmish, Centurion Macro remains behind in charge of the fort as Centurion Cato leads an invasion deep into the hills. But with winter drawing in, the terrain is barely passable through icy rain and snowstorms. Has the acting Governor, Legate Quintatus, underestimated the enemy, his military judgement undermined by ambition? A perfect summer on the Greek island of Lefkas for three young people untroubled by the simmering politics of Europe.

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Peter, visiting from Germany while his father leads an archaeological dig, has become close friends with locals Andreas and Eleni. As the world slides towards conflict and Peter is forced to leave, they swear to meet again.

Romans are gathering at Eboracum… | Alison Morton's Roma Nova

Peter has returned — now a dangerously well-informed enemy intelligence officer. A friendship formed in peace will turn into a desperate battle between enemies sworn to sacrifice everything for the countries that they love…. I really enjoyed this evocative and emotional novel and found the detail compelling and interesting.

I loved this book. I was not disappointed. I found myself whispering warnings and encouragement to the characters as though they were my friends. There are rumours of a conspiracy to unseat the king and Horatius Figulus, the junior officer charged with protecting him, knows the situation is dangerously unstable.

But, when the king announces a plan to tax the natives to fund a lavish palace, Figulus is powerless to prevent a violent rebellion. As protests against Roman rule spread, a secretive Druid sect forces out the legion and the king is taken hostage. Now Figulus must infiltrate the enemy ranks, release the king and kill the elusive leader of the Druids before the entire region descends into bloody chaos….

Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro must uncover a traitor to prevent unthinkable defeat. Unwarned, Cato and Macro are with the Roman army pursuing Caratacus and his men through the mountains of Britannia. Defeating Caratacus finally seems within their grasp. But the plot against the two heroes threatens not only their military goals but also their lives. All attempts to impose Roman rule have failed. Now a new king has been installed among the Durotriges to bring them into line — and Optio Horatius Figulus of the Second Legion is charged with protecting him. But a Druid assassin is rumoured to be plotting to kill the king before he can establish his rule.

Then the king begins a devastating campaign of reprisals against his political rivals. Whole families are murdered, weapons are confiscated and the old gods are denounced. As native discontent threatens to spill over into open rebellion, Figulus finds his unswerving allegiance to Rome faltering. Then the king decides to confront his opponents…just as the assassin is poised to strike.

He and his most trusted comrades are to help install a new king in a hostile area. Fail, and the whole invasion will be jeopardised.

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Under constant attack from raiders, plagued by ruthless Druids and up against hostile natives, Figulus and his men will need all their courage and ingenuity to succeed. The invasion of Britannia has been bloody and relentless, and still the barbaric islanders have not been fully conquered. The men of the Second Legion have suffered grievous losses in driving back their bitterest enemy, but worse is yet to come for the beleaguered soldiers. With winter fast approaching, they face a new threat: ferocious native warriors launching coordinated attacks from their secret base on the Isle of Vectis.

In response, the new legate announces a plan to invade Vectis and rout the enemy in what he expects to be a speedy and successful mission.

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But Horatius Figulus, a junior officer with local knowledge of the enemy, doubts the invasion will be so straightforward. And when the Second Legion encounters fierce resistance on the beach, Figulus and his fellow soldiers suddenly find themselves fighting a desperate battle for their lives…. But opposition from native tribes led by the ruthless warrior Caratacus threatens to destroy everything.

Tasked with leading a newly formed cavalry cohort into the heartland of Wales, they must destroy the growing resistance. After initially publishing as five ebook novellas Barbarian, Challenger, First Sword, Revenge and Champion , the Arena series was published as one full volume in Will he live to face his nemesis? Faced with ferocious attack by a vast Turkish fleet, the knights of the Order of St John fear annihilation. Amongst those called to assist is disgraced veteran Sir Thomas Barrett.

Loyalty and instinct compel him to put the Order above all other concerns, yet his allegiance is divided.

Elite Praetorian Guard

As Sir Thomas confronts the past that cost him his honour and a secret that has long lain buried, a vast enemy army arrives to lay siege to the island…. The city of Rome in AD 50 is a dangerous place. It is feared that the heart of the latest plot lies in the ranks of the Praetorian Guard. Uncertain of whom he can trust, the Imperial Secretary Narcissus summons to Rome two courageous men guaranteed to be loyal to the grave: army veterans Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro. Tasked with infiltrating the Guard, Cato and Macro face a daunting test to win the trust of their fellow soldiers.

Now they face a race against time to save their own lives before they can unmask the mastermind behind the Liberators…. When the actions of a rebel gladiator in Egypt threaten the stability of the Roman Empire, Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro know he must be stopped. But will the strength of a psychotically fatalist gladiator and his new-found allies, hell-bent on destruction, defeat the Roman warriors?

But when Wellington invades France in he gains a swift victory. Napoleon, ambitious as ever, embarks on a Russian campaign which ends in disaster and is then defeated at Leipzig in the biggest battle ever fought in Europe. While centurions Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign against the Parthians, their transport ship is almost capsized by a tidal wave. They barely make it to the port of Matala in Crete where they are stunned to find a devastated town. An earthquake has struck the island, destroying its cities and killing thousands.

The Last Roman

Can they move swiftly enough to counter the rebellion before it sweeps the Romans from the island? In the early years of the nineteenth century, Arthur Wellesley elevated to Viscount Wellington in the course of the novel and Napoleon Bonaparte are well established as men of military genius. Wellesley has returned from India, where his skill and bravery made a remarkable impression on his superiors. He faces trials and tribulations on the political scene before becoming embroiled militarily in Copenhagen, then Portugal and finally Spain.

Napoleon, established as Emperor, is cementing his control on Europe, intending finally to crush his hated foe across the Channel: Great Britain.

enter The time is fast approaching when Wellington and Napoleon will come face to face in confrontation — and only one man can emerge victorious…. Parthia is vying with Rome for control of Palmyra, an officially neutral kingdom. If Palmyra is not to fall into the clutches of Parthia, they will have to defeat superior numbers in a desperate siege. The quest for a lasting peace has never been more challenging, nor more critical for the future of the Empire.

Trouble is brewing in Syria, on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire.

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With the troops in a deplorable state, centurions Macro and Cato are despatched to restore the competence of the cohort. Starfarer Series Rendezvous with Destiny. Contact Me EdCrichton85 gmail. Ed Crichton Facebook. Website by Edward Crichton.

The Roman Empire - Episode 1: The Rise of the Roman Empire (History Documentary)

The world around him is spiraling towards oblivion, mutually assured destruction all but an inevitable reality. His participation in this conflict consumes him, threatening to destroy him before his fate is truly met by the errant path of a stray bullet. When the Praetorian Guard backed Otho against Vitellius in 69 CE and lost, the latter widened up recruitment to allow the best veterans from any legion to join.

Vespasian attempted to ensure their greater loyalty by a different means, making his son, the future emperor Titus , a Praetorian Prefect. By the time of Commodus in the late 2nd century CE the Guard had become an ill-disciplined liability. In CE they murdered Pertinax - he had, after all, only offered them a paltry 12, sestertii each on his accession - and then gave their allegiance to anyone who could pay them enough, the winner being Didius Julianus.

Didius offered to pay the enormous sum of 25, sestertii to every Guard member, the equivalent of 5-year's pay, and when he was made emperor actually upped the reward to 30, per man. This dwarfed the 20, sestertii that Marcus Aurelius had given to each member when he had become emperor, although this was a genuine gift and not a bribe.

The power of the Praetorian Guard led to emperor Septimius Severus replacing the most notorious members with loyal legionaries from his Danube armies. Still, the Praetorian Guard would not go away as a powerful instrument of power, and in CE, Macrinus, a praefectus praetorio , arranged the assassination of Caracalla and was declared emperor by his own men.

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  • The Praetorian Prefects would survive, though, as by now they had become important administrators of the regions of the East, Gaul , Illyricum, and Italy, a role they would continue to perform into the Byzantine period. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers.