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Throughout this point in his life, he worked a number of additional jobs, ranging from managing theaters to selling oil products. With his father's death in , the family's oil business collapsed, prompting the Baum family to head west. Impoverished, he found new ways to support his family, often writing and reporting wherever he could.

Eventually, he turned to writing children's books. In , he wrote a short fantasy children's novel about the fantastic valley of Mo and its inhabitants.


The book, later published in as A New Wonderland , featured many fantastic and dark elements, blending modern-day innovations such as electricity alongside dragons, wizards and kings. The second world of Mo prefigured that of his better known Oz series, introducing a fantastical world that exists within our own.

His first published book, Mother Goose in Prose , appeared in and collected 22 stories based on the nursery rhymes. The book sold well, and he then started work on his own book of poetry which he intended just for family and friends. But the collection, titled B y the Candelabra's Glare , led to a collaboration with artist William Denslow. Their collaboration led to another project: 's Father Goose, His Book , another book of short verses for children.

The book was immensely successful, becoming the best-selling children's book of the year. In , the pair began work on another project, a longer fantasy novel, written by Baum and illustrated by Denslow. The story poured out of Baum, and the two financed the production of the novel themselves. When a tornado sweeps through their farm, it carries Dorothy and her dog Toto to the magical land of Oz, where upon landing, she kills the evil Witch of the East, and embarks on a quest to return home, befriending a cowardly lion, a brainless scarecrow and a heartless tin woodsman along the way.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published in It was positioned by Baum in his introduction as the first of a new breed of fairy tale, updated and relevant for the modern youngster: "the time has come for a series of newer 'wonder tales' in which the stereotyped genie, dwarf and fairy are eliminated, together with all the horrible and blood-curdling incident devised by their authors to point a fearsome moral to each tale.

Baum's novel contains a number of modern elements, and has a distinct American styling that sets it apart from its European counterparts; the large-scale farming of the Munchkins is reminiscent of the vast farmland of the American Midwest, while the Tin Woodsman's story of dismemberment and mechanical replacement is an advanced image for its day—he can be considered a forerunner to the modern cyborg:"I knew a one-legged man could not do very well as a wood-chopper.

So I went to a tin smith and had him make me a new leg out of tin. The leg worked very well once I was used to it. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was well received by the public. Enough stirring adventure enters into it, however, to flavor it with zest, and it will indeed be strange if there be a normal child who will not enjoy the story. His motivations for doing so were driven by a couple of factors: The play had done very well, and as it began to win d down, a replacement was needed, with some of the more popular characters, the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman returning for a new adventure.

Baum also faced some issues with his publisher, and with two friends beginning a publishing company of their own and in need of a sure seller, he jumped at the chance to write a sequel. On top of those factors, Baum received hundreds of letters from children, many of which asked for new adventures in Oz. This new story picked up after the events of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and followed a boy named Tip Gillikin, the northern county of Oz.

He flees the witch Mombi after creating Jack Pumkinhead and gets caught up in a new adventure with the Scarecrow and Tin Woodsman as they try and uncover the true ruler of Emerald City, Princess Ozma, who had been hidden by the Wizard. Money plays a notable role in this story, and it seems as though Baum used the book to experiment with some messaging.

Ozma: L. Frank Baum’s Trans-Positive OZ Heroine |

At one point, the Scarecrow loses his straw stuffing, only to have it replaced with worthless currency. At the same time, Baum put together a stage production of The Marvelous Land , and a short book of Oz stories, The Woggle-Bug Book , which would also be turned into a play. Ultimately, however, it failed, and Baum took several years away from playwriting.

The book starts with Dorothy on a trip to Australia when she and a chicken are swept overboard in a storm and wash up on shore. At the same time, Ozma of Oz embarks on a quest to rescue the Ev family, where she meets Dorothy. He was only about as tall as Dorothy herself, and his body was round as a ball and made out of burnished copper. Also his head and limbs were copper, and these were jointed or hinged to his body in a peculiar way, with metal caps over the joints, like the armor worn by knights in days of old.

But he was as alive as we are, 'cause he was born a real man, and got his tin body a little at a time. Good morn-ing, Mrs. However, Tik-Tok remains an influential figure due to the popularity of the Oz novels.

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The lead characters for each novel are young women who are placed in perilous situations and escape through their wits. Additionally, Baum shows off armies composed entirely of women, with female commanders. Note: The actual date of the event is unclear, but papers report the incident Aug. Harrison, based on her book Prince Silverwings Several Baum characters and plot lines are incorporated, and Tietjens writes the music.

When a historic fire destroys the Iroquois Theater during a Dec.

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MacFall is born in Indianapolis, Ind. With Frank J. Baum, he will co-author the first biography of L. Frank Baum, To Please a Child In less than a month she marries a young artist, their friend Lawrence Mazzanovich, and leaves with him for Paris. HarrisIsland a.

1900-1910: The Baum Oz Years

Dyer is in HamiltonHarbor. Frances G. They honeymoon on his Bermuda island, spending time on his yacht, which they name Wizard. In it, a wood nymph becomes a young knight and seeks adventure. Baum writes the prospectus for a new play, The Maid of Athens a college phantasy in 3 acts with Emerson Hough.

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It is privately printed but never produced. Sheet music, recordings, penny postcards, and other novelties associated with the stage success of The Wizard of Oz become available. Baum begins the book and lyrics for a play, The Whatnexters , with Isadora Witmark. It is never completed. Descriptive verses run below the Oz characters c. Jan 15 — A newspaper clipping reports that Denslow has established a new sovereignty on his own BermudaIsland and has declared himself its king.

He builds a castle on it of local sandstone and raises a seahorse flag. Postcards of DenslowIsland include an inset photo of his sailboat, The Wizard. They will return to the hotel in , , and , where Baum takes up golf, archery, and other interests. Britton as president. The two men had worked for the George M. Hill Company—Reilly as production manager and Britton as secretary and head salesman. Spring — Denslow illustrates The Pearl and the Pumpkin.

The two collaborate on a stage version funded by A. Erlanger of Klaw and Erlanger, a leading theatrical syndicate. Denslow prepares more than illustrations. At one point, Denslow takes up diving in Bermuda in order to better design the underwater sets required for a particular scene. Its twenty-five-year-old illustrator, John Rea Neill, will continue to illustrate Baum and Oz books until his death in The new book is dedicated to actors Montgomery and Stone and furthers the adventures of the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman.

Wogglebug, T.

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Summer — Baum develops another special interest in Macatawa, Mich. He names it the Maybelle. Allene is a member of the Oz cast. They eventually have three daughters, Dorothy, Paula, and Carol.